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سیستم صوت دیجیتال شرکت کننده

Project Description

سری میکروفن های کنفرانس Wi-Fi برخی از ویژگی های این مدل:
– رمز کننده ۱۲۸ رقم جهت ایجاد بستر امن در کنفرانس
– دارای پورت اتصال کنسول مترجم همزمان
– ایجاد IP مشخص برای هر کنسول سخنران
– نمایشگر LCD جهت نمایش عمر باطری و اطلاعات کنسول سخنران

خلاصه مشخصات و توضیحات
WiFi transmission technology and strictly digital protection ensure the privacy of the meeting, to avoid malicious eavesdropping and jamming.
The non compressed audio transmission technology, the sampling rate of 48K, 20Hz-20KHz bandwidth perfect sound.
Using low delay technique, the output minimum delay from microphone to speaker is less than 5ms.
Support for PC software microphone control.
Built in with rechargeable lithium battery, the battery support 9 hours of continuous speech or 13 hour static standby.
Built in magnetic loudspeaker.
Work with the CREATOR HD camera tracking controller and HD infrared automatic camera to support mobile camera tracking.
The chairman has priority control.
Support a variety of conference modes like FIFO, APPLY, NORMAL.
Support the sign function.

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