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سیستم صوت دیجیتال شرکت کننده

Project Description

خلاصه مشخصات و توضیحات
Set talk, voting, key attendance functions together
Using special 8 core high density aviation connector
Heart-shaped directivity capacitance pickup has double color indicating light. Speaking as red, applying as green.
With 2 meters of cable
The knob type plug rod
With loudspeaker, earphone jack and a volume adjusting knob.
Chairman unit has the function of approving the Speaking application of representative.
Chairman unit is free of the restrictions on the number of Speaking person.
Chairman unit has priority function of full control of the order of meetings.
Connection position of chairman unit is not restricted.
Unit is a passive device, the power is supplied by system controller and the input voltage is 24V.
Howling inhibition function, when microphone is turned on, the machine speaker automatically close.
“T” type connection mode.

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